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Gives the Butt Hinge Look to the Concealed Hinge

Patent # 5.542.153 

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EuroButt II Finishes

EuroButt II Faux Butt Hinge

  • Satin Black
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Polished Nickel
  • Satin Nickle
  • Weathered Nickle-Pewter
  • Polished Brass
  • Brushed Brass
  • Aged Brass
  • Antique Brass

*Custom finishes are available with required minimums.
*The EBII finish can be amended with paints formulated for metal.

You can get these aerosol paint cans at your local auto parts store, i.e. satin black, white etc.You can also use aerosol cans from your local crafts store, i.e. Michaels or Blick Art Supplies (both online). Aerosol cans of Antique Gold Leaf for the living finish of un-lacquered Natural Brass

EuroButt II is the only Hybrid Traditional Decorative Hardware of its kind. EuroButt II was designed by Cabinetmaker Birdie Miller, of N.J. He provides a simple solution to a technical difficulty, which has long been a limitation to full acceptance of Euro-hinging. "It's an ideal response to a problem most North American cabinet and furniture makers face in the traditional market. We keep the charm and maintain the gain in technology. Innovation and Creativity are the Key forces of success today and that’s progress! EuroButt II is endorsed by every cabinet maker who sees it demonstrated. EuroButt II Is sold in every state in the US, across Canada, and in the UK.

EuroButt II Traditional Hybrid Face Frame Cabinet Construction Video

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EuroButt II Faux Butt Hinge Installation Video

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Solving Design and Installation Problems by taking the ‘Pain’ out of the Butt Hinge. The Only Adjustable, Self and Soft Close, Butt Hinge Available. The EBII Faux Butt Hinge is the first Design Extension of the 32mm system hinge that bridges the gap between Technology and the marketplace demand for Traditional Design.