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 Application #1: Using EuroButt II with a 120o opening Euro-Hinge.  Set the EuroButt II on the door.

Application #2:  Using EuroButt II with a 110o opening Euro-Hinge.  Set the EuroButt II on the case stile.

 General Notes

  • EuroButt II works with all concealed hinge manufactures and hinge applications.
  • Try a mock-up of your hinge application first, to get the feel of it.  It works!
  • Use an inset hinge application.  Either a full inset hinge, or a half overlay hinge with a half overlay plate.
  • Use a minimum 3/32’’ gap between the case or door stile.
  • If you use a 120o  hinge the EuroButt II must be applied to the door.
  • If you use a 110o hinge (soft close) you can put the EuroButt II on the case stile or door.
        *You can use a tighter gap between the door and the case style with this application.
  • The back of the barrel must be tight against the face of the case stile or door.
  • If you are using beaded face frames and want to set the EuroButt II on the case stile, you need to predrill 
        For the nail hole at a slight angle so the bead does not split. 


  1. Mark the door or case stile edge for the EuroButt ll location.
  2. Peel off the protective tape cover.
  3. Set the knuckle tight against the door or case stile.
  4. Rotate and press the EuroButt ll firmly in place and rub for a few seconds.
  5. Set the nail, use needle nose pliers to hold the nail straight. Use the nail, no one wants call backs.
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