EuroButt II
A Faux Decorative Butt Hinge for use with the European Concealed Hinge
It's Not Just the Look it's the Function

EuroButt II... 
...Provides the Elegance of Traditional Hardware that our Customers want,
        while Allowing Cabinetmakers to use the High-Tech Concealed Hinge
             with all it's Advantages!
The Perfect Partnership of Technology & Charm.

EuroButt II... 
... Gives the 'Concealed' hinge, a 'Butt' hinge look.

... Is a faux, fake, imatation, simulated...  
           ...traditional ball tip butt hinge

... Will  fit any hinge company's hinge.

... Retains  all the Euro-hinge adjustments.

... Attaches  to Euro-hinged doors without screws.

... Does not  require you to use face frames.

... Fits   into the 3/32" gap between doors.

... Has  the look found on 'High End' inset door cabinets.

... Is  the only butt hinge look for pocket door hardware.

... Is  a cost-effective alternative to traditional butt hinges.

... Designed by a cabinetmaker determined not to loose
     the advantages of the concealed hinge.


EuroButt II 
       Now has a 7 pr sample finish pack,  offered at 50% off.
       $28.50 total cost including S&H to the 48 cont. states.
       1 pr of each Finish per Pack, One Pack per Customer
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See the new finishes at the Picture Tab!

 Two new finishes are HERE
    Polished Nickle
    Weathered Nickle
         This is a very cool finish   (can be used as Peweter)
The new inventory will have a champhered hole
     already drilled into the EuroButt II  
          so the nail head will sit flush.
The old inventory finishes, PB, AB, PWTR 
          will still need a hole drilled in them.

EuroButt II     solves design and installation problems...   With the increased use of concealed hinges for their technical advantages.  The traditional design element of the ball-tip hinge has been left out.    Although the demand for traditional decorative hardware, like the ball tip butt hinge,  has been steadily on the rise for many years.

EuroButt II   is a natural extention of the frameless system,  bridging the gap of technology and traditional charm.   Allowing the cabinetmaker to meet the market demands of traditional style, while retaining the advantages of high tech hardware, and enjoying the ease and quality of adjustments during  the installation.

EuroButt II   allows cabinetmakers who use frameless cases to achieve the butt hinge, inset door, faceframe look.  Without  having to change their system of construction.

EuroButt II  will put the quality of design back into your traditional project, that has been missing since using concealed hinges.

EuroButt II  can be advertized as the only SELF and SOFT close butt hinge, needing no catches.

EuroButt II  is a unique product, invented by a cabinetmaker for cabinetmakers.f

I n s t a l l a t i o n   N o t e s

EuroButt II  attaches to the edge of the door or face frame style with PSA tape already applied to the EuroButt II  hinge.

EuroButt II  should be secured with a 20 gauge flat head nail, (supplied), drill a 5/64'' hole in the center of the side plate, 15/32'' (7/16''+) from the back edge, You will miss the hinge cup hole. Hammer in the 20 gauge 1/2'' long flat head nail supplied to make sure the PSA tape never comes loose.  Use needle nose pliers to help keep the small nail straight.
Please read the instruction page "Tab" for complete installation explanation.

The best application of EuroButt II  is with an inset hinge application, either a full overlay plate and a full inset hinge or with a half overlay plate and a half overlay hinge. can attach EuroButt II  with the barrel past the face of the door like a traditional hinge installation. can attach EuroButt II  with the barrel even or flush  with the face of the door, by routing  a 3/16'' cove into the front corner edge of the door to accept the hinge barrel. can attach EuroButt II  to the face frame style of the cabinet,

...The  EuroButt II  knuckle is 3/16'' in diameter, and is 3 5/32'' long.

...Checkout the EuroButt II  You Tube Video at

EuroButt II...
            Taking the 'pain' out of the butt hinge.

U p d a t e d    4/10/2013