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EuroButt II   was invented to solve design and install problems.

The design element of the Traditional Butt Hinge is being left out of the traditional design projects because of the             functional advantages the European Concealed Hinges offer.

        ... I had just finished building a Traditional Library Project, using the concealed hinge. 

During coffee break, I said to the guys, "Something is missing” …

        ... I pushed a butt hinge into the door gap, and said,

''That's it, the doors need butt hinges for Traditional Design.
         Why can't we just screw the butt hinge to the edge of the door and let the concealed hinge do the work?''

I had convinced the designers to let me use concealed hinges because of the adjustment advantages. 
But the designers were right in specifying a Traditional butt hinge for a Traditional Project.

Within 10 minutes I had cut and beaten that butt hinge into submission.
It didn’t work the way it was made.  This was the first prototype the EuroButt II  faux butt hinge.

EuroButt II  The ''Perfect Partnership of Technology and Charm''... "Charmology" .


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