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EuroButt II   Gives the "Traditional Butt Hinge Look"...                                                                                                                             ... while Using and Retaining the High-Tech Concealed Hinge Advantages!

 •  Works with all Euro-Hinges.
 •  Retains All Euro-Hinge adjustments.
 •  Fits into the required 3/32" door gap.
 •  Alternative to standard butt-hinges.
 •  Doesn't need screws or a mortise.
 •  The only butt hinge for a pocket door.
 •  Barrel is 3/16" in dia. & 3 1/8" tall.
Discounted Sample Pack  -Offer Valid for a 5 Pair Sample Finish Pack One Pack per Customer 50% Off
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Featuring the EuroButt II faux butt-hinge with the Concealed Hinge.
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